Oya’s Song

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Connie Pwll Walck Tyler

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Come winds of judgment,
Winds of change.
Blow fiercely, blow,
Let my people go!
Sink your thunderous lightning teeth
Into the festering bruises of our grief.

Grace you are given to cherish and earn.
Remember this gift and offer no harm.

Grace you are given to live long and free.
Lift up your head, step out and believe,
Care for each other and care you’ll receive.
You are love in your soul,
Your life be made whole,
Remember this gift and offer no harm.
Grace you are given to cherish and learn.

Private prisons,
Profiting on sorrow and pain,
Anguish and shame.
Let my winds batter, shatter and cry,
And the place of your evil, crumble and die.

Slaves no longer!
Let us go!
Prisoners no longer!
Let us free!
A people born of love and joy!
Love and joy WE WILL BE!!

Security, Chaos,
Security – Money, money, money for you!
Death and chaos for the rest.
Hear our wailing!
Hear our cries!
Our children march to kill and die.
Enslaved as surely as before
When they march to death and war.

Mothers of murdered children sigh,
Our sweet sons shot, left to die.
Murdered by each other, and…
And by YOU!
Hear our wailing, hear our cries,
We will not let our children die!
Run, run,
but you cannot hide.
Beware the winds of judgment,
The winds of change.
Let my people go!
Enough … for now!