Oh, Joy!

The current recording of this music has no human voices, just “vocal oohs”! The link below will be changed when the vocals are recorded.  If you want to receive an email notification when that happens, fill in the form below.
Connie Pwll Walck Tyler

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From Journey to Ninas Twei:

The sea wind, pushing through the trees, whispered gentle songs to the birds whose quiet twitterings made the silence seem even deeper. Something hidden in the deep crevices at the bottom of her spirit expand like helium in a balloon pushing upward until it gained the upper hand:

Whispered to the opening drum beats: 
Oh, joy. Oh, jubilation.
Ecstasy and joy.
An ether – a flow of life-joy. Ecstasy!
Exhilaration. Oh! Life elation.

Rejoice! Rejoice!
Come wind, set limbs to dancing,
Wind song, on our soul harps prancing.
Come feet, set life a dancing.
Come voice, let your song go chanting.
Come earth, set your heart beat thrumming.
Come sea, set your surf to drumming.
Oh, sing heart. Sing to earth’s warm silence.
Dance heart, to this sun heat, to this wind dance.
Oh, earth joy!