The Tree’s Song

An electronic version of this song using choral oohs instead of sung vocals:

The words can be found below.

The vocals for this song have not been recorded yet. If you would like to receive an email when the music is recorded and a link to it uploaded to this page, please fill in the form below!
Connie Pwll Walck Tyler

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Words to The Tree’s Song:

Waves of things of forms I am
exist in dreams within me,
flow through the sap of trees to come
and leaves to come,
falling, decaying the soil I am,
a nutrient for things living,
eating the earth,
water and sun,
fruit I become,
feeding the unrooted beings
ever I’m giving.

And then I am free.
I stretch my wings and fling myself into the air.
I sing, I call.
My joy is beyond any earthly care.
The snap of the jaws of the four-legged one
is only a moment of pain
for I am living again with a diff’rent name.

And when this life’s done
the worms I become
and pass to the earth
to gain my re-birth.