The Wolves’ Song: I Am the Wild

The current recording of this music has no human voices, just “vocal oohs”! The link below will be changed when the vocals are recorded.  If you want to receive an email notification when that happens, fill in the form below.
Connie Pwll Walck Tyler

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I am the wild,
The guardian, earth traveler.
My soul singing touches the moon and the sun.
I am the herald, the seeker, the messenger.
I bear the song for those seeking the One.
I am the hunter, the knower, the lover.
My voice like a spear pierces deep in the night!
I am the lone, the many, the mirror.
My call is like lightning, jagged and bright.

We are the wild, the wild, the wild.
Freeborn, earth travelers,
Touching the moon and the sun!